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Four Centuries of Eternity

The latest album is a double CD containing music from four centuries of composers Bach, Paganini, Martin Eklund, Franzen, Sundt.

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Thank You For the Music

This is a follow up of the previous ABBA album. Since the last album was out of stock but still requested, I had long had plans to release a new, but now in the new arrangements for the 10-string guitar, and moreover with the accompaniment of various ensembles.
The content is 15 of ABBA's hit songs gathered in their album ABBA GOLD. Now in a new robe for the 10-string guitar. In addition, I amused myself by adding to the accompaniment of various ensembles. (Those who play is the Garritan Personal Orchestra - ie it is digital sound)

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100,00 kr(VAT incl.)
Classical ABBA

The full ABBA GOLD album transcribed for classical guitar. It came in 1997. I wanted to build a bridge between classical music and popular music. The hope was that the listeners who were not used to the sounds of classical music would get an entry-level, while the experienced listener of classical music would hear the delicate melodies of familiar but yet new sound outfit. The album is sold out.

"To be original, one need not always to break new musical ground. A perhaps more difficult art is to be original with familiar means. ABBA mastered the art. Their original melodies and well-made arrangements are not easy to do justice on a lone guitar. I hope that I to some extent have succeeded. "

Classical ABBA
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